CSQD Video 3 - Influence customers by colours

How to influence your customers simply by choosing different colours.

There is a whole psychology behind colours. It's no accident that most fast food giants have red and yellow in their branding, these are warm colours and can even make you feel hungry.

Choosing a colour just because you like it is generally a bad idea, there needs to be intention behind everything that you do with your branding to attract the right customers to your business.

Client Challenges

  1. Have you thought about what your company colours say about your business?
  2. Why is brand colour consistency so important? 

Our Solution

  • Colour can instantly give you a feel and emotion so it is important that this is inline with your brand communication.
  • We can help you choose the right colour for your brand and help to keep it consistent across all of your collateral.



When you get your logo designed, ensure that you have given your colour choice the time and attention it deserves. Once you have made a decision, we then choose official colours via the (PMS) Pantone Matching System to create uniformity. Create good colour psychology and create confidence in your brand communication.


5 Principles for building a great brand

The secret weapon that gives your customer something to believe in.

CSQD Ebook 1 - 5 Principles to Building a Great Brand
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