Graphic Design and Branding - Why this will give your business a head start on the competition.

We often get asked, why graphic design and branding is so important. We’ve decided to address some of these questions in this short videos to help explain what we do, what to expect as a client and the value it can bring to your business.

What is it that makes some of the world’s most iconic businesses successful? Sure they deliver excellent products and that’s part of it, but they all have excellent branding and great marketing strategies. Branding is the core to any successful marketing strategy.

Client Challenges

  1. Your current brand is not representing your business effectively in the marketplace, so it’s not performing well.
  2. You’re starting a new business, you don’t have a logo and you don’t know where to start. 

Our Solution

  • Our goal is to turn your idea, your dream into reality and to instil immediate trust in your potential customers, first impression
  • We provide a process that will help you understand what your business stands for and how you want to portray yourself in the marketplace now and in the future.
  • We will provide you with expert advice and experience that will guide you on the right path to success.
  • Your brand is not just about a logo for your business, it’s about the feeling, the culture and the trust behind your brand… it’s how your business communicates to your customer. 

You can only have a first impression once, so it’s important to make it a positive one.



Remember branding is not what you think your business is, it is what your customer perceives your business as, you can’t control what people think of your business but you can guide them with your branding, and thats where we come in.


5 Principles for building a great brand

The secret weapon that gives your customer something to believe in.

CSQD Ebook 1 - 5 Principles to Building a Great Brand
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CSQD (est. 2005) is a Gold Coast graphic design studio staffed with people who live and breathe outstanding design. We bring our hearts as well as our heads to your project, we want to surprise and delight you with artful creations that clearly transmit your branding message. Don’t mistake our modest size for modesty. We’re happy to tell anyone that we punch well above our weight when it comes to our talent, energy and technology.