Frequently Asked Questions

We are creatives for hire. We are specialists in branding, website design and (SEO) search engine optimisation (being found on google). We can also assist with general graphic design and copywriting needs and organise printing for you.

Phil and James Coulson started Csquared Design back in 2003. ‘C’ represents their last name and if you didn’t already know… they’re twins! So that’s where the ‘Squared’ bit comes from. Csquared became a little bit of a mouthful so they decided to shorten it to CSQD. This also creates a level of intrigue because no one knows what the hell it means!

We have years of invaluable knowledge and experience in the design industry. We provide excellent value to your business and we believe our price point is very reasonable so we never discount our work. We do, however, reward our loyal clients with value adds!

We have both national and international clients on our books. In this digital age, we can communicate and deliver work to anyone anywhere. We do, however, prefer a face-to-face meeting for our initial consultation. This can always be done over skype.

We've all done it. Somehow something important has slipped through the cracks. All of a sudden it’s the last minute and it needs to be done. Like yesterday. Urgent jobs are inevitable and sometimes they can’t be helped. We ask you, however, to please be mindful that squeezing your urgent job in usually requires putting another job and client out... it's a bit like jumping the queue in the grocery store. Working urgently puts additional pressure on our team and often requires that we work overtime. As such, we have introduced a rush fee. This may not always apply, but we will always be upfront with you before we start the job.

The following rush fees may apply to your jobs in the future:

  • Same day turnaround - 25% of the cost of the job
  • Next day turnaround - 15% of the cost of the job
  • 48+ hours turnaround - this is our preferred time frame

Quality design takes time. To get the best results, please allow us the time to create something beautiful for you.

Although our door is always open digitally, our office is by appointment only. We are generally very busy with deadlines and/or in meetings. We respectfully request that you don't drop in unannounced. If you would like to meet with us in the office, we’re more than happy to pre-arrange a meeting time.

After our initial consultation, email correspondence is our preferred way to connect. Here’s why:

  1. We are most likely in the middle of a job or a meeting so a phone call can disrupt workflow and jump the queue of the current daily schedule.
  2. Changes need to be written down so we can go through them thoroughly. Having everything in writing means we do not need to transcribe directives given over the phone and decreases the possibility of errors. Should we require further clarification, we may call you or respond to your email for more details.
  3. Changes may be handled by another designer if we are not in the office. They may not be as familiar with the job so having clear, concise and simple instructions—as well as a conversation history to refer to—ensures they are able to take over with ease.

This doesn't mean don't call us, but please ensure all design changes are emailed. We would prefer to leave phones calls for discussions, follow ups and, of course, emergencies.

We quote all jobs upfront and require a 50% deposit for all work before we commence. We then ask for payment on delivery, and allow 7 days to fix this up. We respectfully request that you please respect our trading terms.

Our office hours are 8:30am - 5pm, Monday - Friday. Please do not call or text us outside of these hours unless it is an emergency.

We are already aligned with a number of charities. At this point in time we are not taking on anymore charities but please email through details of your project and we may be able to keep it on file.

Question not Answered?

Let us know how we can help! Send an email our way or give us a call and we will be happy to answer your question for you.

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By appointment only

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