Each month, we pick three worthy projects to give back to. These projects are out there in the world doing amazing work with those who need it.

  1. VOTE

We need your help! We’ll send out an email with the details of each project and ask you to vote for the one that you feel most connected to.

  1. GIFT

The project with the highest votes will receive 50% of the donation and the other two will receive 25% each—so everyone wins in the end!

This month's projects

Educate a Disadvantaged Child


Make a priceless contribution and sponsor the education fees of one disadvantaged child for one month (20 school days). Every child should be entitled to the basic privilege of a proper education but are often unable to attend school because their parents cannot afford the cost of schooling or due to social stigma. Hope Foundation has set up AIDS Home of Hope for abandoned HIV/AIDS women and children to meet their physical, emotional, and mental needs.

Give a Book to a Rescued Girl


Help a girl rescued from commercial sexual exploitation regain her independence by giving one set of books that includes the necessary reading and writing materials for academic purposes. Each set comprises of one note book and one basic textbook and will last for two weeks. Your contribution will enable these girls to discover and fulfil their academic potential, granting them future employment and income-generating opportunities.

Give School Books for Orphaned/At-Risk Child


Give an orphaned/at-risk child access to school books for a day.

Together, we can make an impact where it really counts.

Giving back to those in need doesn’t just make you feel good, if done right, it can drive change within the community.

We’ve teamed up with B1G1 who personally screen the causes they list to ensure each contribution makes the greatest possible impact. With their help, we can even track the impact we create together with interaction maps and widgets. So, get on board! Let us know which of our chosen projects resonates and work with us to make a difference in our world.