Use these website design hacks to increase conversion

Website design is pretty key to sales. These days, you've got less than 15 seconds to hook someone in. That's the average amount of time a user will spend on a website. If they don't like what they see in that time, they're going elsewhere and you've lost yourself a customer. Use these website design […]

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Do you need a website chatbot? 5 reasons to add one

A website chatbot is an integrated pop up chat interface that a user can interact with. You can program them to chat with your customers in a conversational manner so that, while users will know it's clearly not a real person, they're still interacting with your brand voice. You might think that your business is […]


3 ways to breathe life into a dying brand

There are a number of reasons why brands fail. The question is—can you do anything to revive a dying brand? The short answer, yes. Hopefully your brand isn’t actually dying as you’re reading this. But if it is, here are three ways to breathe life back into it.

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Digital marketing vs UX design: what’s more important?

When it comes to websites, there’s a bit of a balance when it comes to digital marketing vs UX (user-friendly) design. After all, it’s important that you tick both boxes so that your website is both easy to navigate and converts browsers into buyers. But, while both are vital, sometimes they don’t mesh well. Let’s […]

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Why COVID-19 is a marketing opportunity not to pass up

While on the one hand it makes perfect sense for a closed business to stop marketing (after all, how you can market without a budget? More on that later…), on the other hand, if you’re advertising during a time when other people aren’t, you’re increasing your chance of exposure significantly.


Value propositions: how to create one that sells

Your value proposition is pivotal to your sales pitch. Essentially, it is the point in your pitch where you explain to someone why they should buy from you and convince them that you’re the best solution to meet their needs. 


5 communication tips for remote teams

Has COVID19 meant that you’ve transitioned to remote working recently? Check out our top five tips for effective communication in a remote environment.

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What makes a brand stand out?

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know we strongly believe that branding matters. It’s not just because we work in the industry and it’s in our best interest to say so.


Essential business marketing ideas for 2020

When it comes to generating business marketing ideas, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut and churn out the same old things you’ve always done. In today’s market, however, that’s just not going to cut the mustard. It’s a consumer’s world out there and if you’re not paying attention to what they’re […]


USP marketing: how to truly set yourself apart.

Does your business use its unique selling point (USP) in its marketing strategy? If so, does that USP truly set you apart? Your USP is what differentiates you from your competitors. It’s a fantastic marketing tool that allows you to home in on why consumers would choose you over anyone else. As a result, it’s […]

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Why is responsive website design so important?

Have you ever opened a website on your mobile device to find you have to pinch and zoom in order to see anything? This is what happens when you don’t take responsive website design into account through the building process.

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The best website designers do this to build websites

What practices do the best website designers use to build websites? We see web design horror stories all the time. People who have entrusted one of the most important aspects of their business to a developer, often paying big bucks, and they come away with an inferior result. Sometimes they realise it right away—what’s been […]


Business networking: how to network at events

Unless you’re a naturally outgoing people person who doesn’t mind walking up to complete strangers and striking up a conversation, chances are you find business networking at events a real challenge. For the average person, networking events are a daunting prospect, but they can certainly be helpful for your business. When you break it down, […]

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How to locate your site’s backlinks

Backlinks are links on other websites that point back to your own. They play a vital role in strengthening the credibility of your website so they’re an important element to be aware of. Chances are if you have a website on the internet, then there will be other websites that will be linking back to it.

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2019 Website Design Trends

Can you believe that we’re nearly at the end of another decade? We’ve seen an incredible amount of change in the online world in the last ten years — from the impact of the smartphone to voice activated technology — and everything in between. What will this last chapter hold? Let’s take a look at some of the key web trends we expect to rein in 2019.


2019 design trends: what you can expect to see

When it comes to 2019 design trends, we are set to have a year of contradictions. We foresee a revival of trends from clashing eras, not to mention those that oppose each other on the chromatic spectrum.


The benefits of switching your emails over to G Suite

G Suite, formerly known as Google Apps, is a collection of cloud-based business-grade services including email, cloud storage and collaboration. G Suite offers a wealth of tools and services for a relatively low cost and is a perfect solution for any business looking to streamline their online collaboration and email service into one package. We think it’s worth making the switch to G Suite. Here’s why.


The psychological effects of colour in design

When you think about your brand identity, what do you think about? For many people they think no further than a logo. However, your logo—while important—is only one small piece of your overall business branding puzzle.

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Optimising your website for the shortening attention span

Our human attention span is getting shorter and shorter. That’s a fact. There are many reasons why but it’s often attributed to the rise in use of mobile technology. With so much readily at our fingertips, we have grown accustomed to things being quick and easy for us when it comes to online web browsing.

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5 questions to help identify your website customer demographics

Do you pay attention to your customer demographics via your website’s traffic? If not, you could be missing out on extremely valuable free marketing information. This information can be used to increase your sales and convert your visitors into customers. Regardless of what your business does within the marketplace, understanding your customers forms a big […]

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Rebranding your business – 8 questions to ask when rebranding

Rebranding your business? Ever felt like you could do with a style upgrade as you catch your reflection in the mirror? Brands are no different. Just like when winter rolls around and your once comfortable jeans are now a little too snug, your business can outgrow your branding. A successful brand: Communicates what your company […]

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Get an SSL Certificate - You need one in 2018

As of July 2018 Google Chrome will warn users when they try to access websites that are not secured by an SSL certificate. This means if your website currently does not have one, now is the time to get an SSL certificate!