Website Content And Branding

Website Content and Branding - What is more important?

The age old question: what’s more important — content or branding? The truth is both are integral to your business and have the power to convert traffic into revenue.

You need great branding, a user friendly website layout AND great copy. Many people think they’ll just write their own content but the truth is, messaging and hierarchy is so important. It’s a fine art and that’s why we always recommend getting your content written by a professional.

Client Challenges

  1. Your content does not represent your business as well as it should and you’re not being found on google.
  2. The Tone of voice does not sound like your brand?
  3. You can see you’re getting the traffic on your site but you’re not converting them into buyers.

Our Solution

  • Good copy attracts search engines that will drive traffic to your site.
  • Well written copy on your website with correct grammar and punctuation will instil confidence in your customers.
  • The right copy can also convert traffic into revenue.

Final message

If you can’t be found on google there is no point even having a website, and if a customer reaches your website and finds spelling errors, poor punctuation and lack of attention to detail how will that reflect on your business? Do you think they’ll use you or purchase your products?

5 Principles for building a great website

Is your website working for you or against you?

CSQD Ebook 2 - 5 Principles to Building a Great Website
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