What is organic SEO & why is it important?

While great website design is vital for success, it’s only one-half of the equation. Good website content is equally, and in some cases, more important than a site’s appearance.

Client Challenges

  1. Are you being found on search engines?
  2. Do you know what keywords your customers are searching to find your business and does your copy include these keywords?
  3. Have you done back linking?
  4. Are you active on social media?
  5. Do you update your site regularly?

Our Solution

The right keywords attract the search engines that drive traffic to your site and copy is the vehicle that converts a prospect into a customer. So, professionally written content with the inclusion of keywords is a must. Having other websites link back to your website is called back linking. It bumps up your reputation as a credible and valuable business within the community. This, in turn, increases your relevance rating and bumps you up higher in search engine results. Regularly writing blogs or sharing your latest news (and linking those posts to social media) is a great way to keep your site updated and also helps with your SEO.

Take Away Message

In the online world content is king! Organic SEO is the foundation of your website and should be thought about in the early stages of website planning, while blogs and news updates (linked to social media) are a great way to keep stoking the SEO fire.


5 Principles for building organic SEO

Is your website easily found on Google or are you invisible?

CSQD Ebook 3 - 5 Principles to Great SEO
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