Face Feelosophy - Creating a memorable brand and online shopping experience using WooCommerce.

The Overview

Face Feelosophy initially met with us to work on a logo for their cosmetic company.

The brief for the logo was to keep it simple, elegant and beautiful. We decided to move forward with a few concepts, concentrating on mono-styled logos (black and white). It is important when selling a bright multitude of coloured products such as lipsticks, to pick colours for your logo that don’t clash with any of the product colours. Black and white go with everything so therefore a mono logo was ideal for their branding. Once the logo was completed we then discussed packaging and one of the most important cogs in the machine – the website.

Scope of work

Website Design & Development

Brand Development


Custom Colour Integration

Product Personalisation

Checkout Cart Discounts

Multiple Currency Conversion

Copywriting for Right Tone of Voice

Lookbook – Instagram Feed Integration

Related Products – Helps Cross or Up-Selling

Website User Experience

Caching Software to Help Load Time

Face Feelosophy

Moving Forward

As a budding company just getting off the ground, we had to be very conscious of budget as starting up a product-based business can be very expensive. Like any business, the website should be your hardest working employee and it needs to be treated as such. Ensuing both the user experience and appearance are flawless is so important; one does not work without the other. Face Feelosophy tried building their own site first (to save on costs) and then presented their hard work to us. There is more to a great website than putting all the content on a page. How the information is presented and displayed both play a crucial role, especially with a shopping website. So CSQD came to the rescue! We chose a pale pink colour to help soften the harsh black and white fashionista colour palette – this also helped complement the company’s philosophy of using "natural ingredients that are nurturing and anti-ageing".

The Outcome

It’s not as simple as just building a website for us, we want to ensure it’s becomes a true, hard-working asset for our clients. We trial different ways showcasing products or services to ensure they’re displayed in the most effective way possible. With the Face Feelosophy website, we did several things to smooth out the user experience that also had the added bonus of making it look incredibly appealing. The way the products were initially set up was slow and clunky and required the user to scroll down a page of 52 separate lipsticks.

To make it more navigator-friendly, we simply created one lipstick that changed into the 52 colours. The structure of the homepage also needed a complete overhaul. The most important role of any shopping-based website is to sell the products so making sure it was easy to close the sale was our primary goal. We adhered to our 3 click policy (get anywhere on the website in 3 clicks so the user never gets lost) and incorporated the product pages into the shop pages to eradicate any confusion for the user.

We also brought the FAQs to one central page so anyone who wanted to know more about any of the products could click through to the one place. The website was built with scalability in mind – adding more products in future won’t compromise design and will only serve to enhance it. Product categories, lipstick finish tags, price and currency filters all add to an easy navigation experience for the customer which will result in more sales for the business.


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