Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat – Website update, to improve the user experience and align the style with their current brand guidelines.

The Overview

Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat exists to assist people in transforming lifestyle habits to live a longer, healthier life.

Gwinganna recently asked us to rebuild their ‘Wellness at Home’ website, which is essentially a product that allows its users to maintain the healthy lifestyle practises recommended at the retreat from the comfort of their home. After completing this job, we were asked to update their main website. Gwinganna is a unique business with specific requirements. It doesn’t work like a normal hotel/retreat; all enquiries and bookings are taken via telephone. Programs are sold in packages and the accommodation options are secondary to those packages.

Scope of work

Custom integrated retreat date tables

Back end analytical reporting and financials

User experience

Content managed system

Easy backend usability

Staff efficiency


The Process

Our main objective was to enhance the user experience, making the website easier to navigate with package and date options the primary focus. We wanted the user to be able to easily identify program and date options that suited their needs. However, we also had to ensure it didn’t create more work for Gwinganna in the process as dates and programs are added and changed intermittently through the year.

Our solution was creating a table that needs to only be checked and uploaded once as a spreadsheet. The website then automatically uses sections of the table and applies it to each appropriate page. We also created a neat search function on the retreat date page, so users could find the exact dates or packages that matched their needs in a matter of seconds.

Packages and when they were available was also a primary focus. The current site showed all packages, all dates and all inclusions on the one page so that a user would have to scroll through unnecessary details to target the information that they were interested in. To address this, we created a sorting function making navigation simple and efficient. Gwinganna also had an online store that was a separate website. We consolidated this so everything can now be managed in the one place and, more to the point, ensures that the user stays on the website instead of being directed elsewhere. This is beneficial for SEO.

The Outcome

The updated website functions beautifully, both enhancing the user experience and ensuring quick and easy work for Gwinganna staff to update. The information has been carefully grouped together to give the user only the details they require to successfully navigate the packages with a two click principle.

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