The GO2 People - Branding elevation to ensure relevancy in the global marketplace.

The Overview

The GO2 People have been a client of ours for many years. Recently, growth and expansion has seen them take a new direction with their business.

Part of this saw the company go public which meant a revisit on their branding to ensure they maintained relevancy in the global marketplace. It can be challenging to gain the trust of new investors and new branding gave The GO2 People the confidence they needed to accomplish this task. As it had been some time since we initially designed their branding, we approached their rebrand by considering the current marketplace. Staying with the same theme, we streamlined and strengthened the design, highlighting their evolution and representing their growth and new position.

Scope of work

Brand Development

Brand Design

Website Development

Website Design

Stationary Design

Marketing Collateral Design


Investor Presentations

Information Memorandums


Moving Forward

We designed the original logo for The GO2 People nearly 10 years ago so it was a pleasure to revisit this branding and utilise all that we had learned over these years to create something really special for them. Having a long-standing relationship with them also helped as it meant we had a deep understanding of their business needs and who they are as a company.

Once the new logo was approved we built the brand and style guide around it. We specifically opted for a logo that was strong in both style and colour, helping to represent them in their male-dominated marketplace of mining, building and recruitment. The arrow was selected to evoke a sense of movement, indicating growth and movement forward. Green is a very positive colour helping to link this messaging.

The Outcome

We have handled The GO2 People’s marketing and advertising collateral at every capacity, meeting all expectations in both web and print for nearly 10 years. We believe in creating work of the highest quality and building relationships that will stand the test of time. Working with clients like The GO2 People really is a collaboration; we are partners who share in each other’s success. Like us, The GO2 people share a passion for their work and listed on the ASX on October 31st 2017.

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