Toothpaste Family Dentist – Creating a fresh brand that is memorable, professional and aimed at the family demographic.

The Overview

Like any entrepreneur, Dr Thomas Morrison had a dream of going out on his own and creating a legacy for himself.

He came to us to help with bringing his dream and vision to life. Toothpaste was the name he had decided on so it was our job to create a brand around this uniquely different approach to family dentistry. Tom is such a professional, friendly and approachable dentist, we wanted to bring this character out in his logo and branding without loosing the professionalism and trust you find in this profession. Like any great idea we had to do a lot of research and brainstorming to come up with the best approach to tackle this, colour choice was also a very important decision to make. The challenge here was keeping the logo professional, fun and family orientated.

Scope of work

Brand Development

Brand Design

Website Development

Website Design

Stationary Design

Marketing Collateral Design


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Moving Forward

The logo design was actually a lot of fun, we managed to integrate the letter ‘T’ into the actual ‘toothpaste’ word which was a great way of linking them both together, this also helped us get a more casual feel to the logo without losing the professionalism.

We developed both the logo and a separate logo mark which both work perfect independently and also makes them very practical for most purposes. Please view the video to see how we have helped Tom on his amazing journey.

The Outcome

Once the logo was finalised we then carried the brand over to all of the marketing collateral. The collateral design plays an equally important role in the overall brand communication of any business. Whether it be your business cards, brochures or website, if not done professionally, can give your brand that home job look and automatically loose trust in your customer.

In a business like dentistry, upmost professionalism is needed to be portrayed, your health is the most important asset and this will not be entrusted to just anyone. It’s so rewarding to see a business grow and achieve great things, remember it all starts with great branding and how your business communicates itself to your marketplace, it is a long term investment that truly pays off.

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