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Grounded Holistic Fitness Studio came to us for a complete rebrand. Having been in the business as Healthy Lifestyle Club for 10 years, they wanted their name and branding to further differentiate them from the gym market and to position themselves as a holistic wellness studio. Their intent was to appeal to the yoga market, specifically mums who would be attracted to the free childcare, while still maintaining their current clientele.


Appealing to the ‘yogi’ population and mothers meant branding that had a slight spiritual spin to it while feeling warm and inviting. However, with many of their current clientele more fitness-oriented, it still had to feel inclusive for the wider population. Each aspect of the brand—from the logo and copy through to the photography—had to communicate this. We recommended professional photography of the studio and staff to complement the website design and engaged a copywriter for them to ensure consistent tone and messaging.


A neutral, earthy colour palette was used to match the look and feel of the studio interior while the copy was written to appeal predominantly to health-minded females and mothers. As engaging with people online is key to this kind of business, the website was the primary focus and the vehicle through which we worked to build trust and brand awareness in their target audience.


All existing clientele were maintained and, within the first month of reopening under their new name and branding—before any advertising, only signage changes—Grounded converted 45 new clients. In the first month of targeted Facebook advertising, their memberships increased by 50%.

Marco Renai

It took twelve months for my wife and I to work up the courage and save the money to embark on the journey of rebranding of our health and wellness business. After meeting with a few different professionals, it was with Phil and James where we felt truly supported and understood. Every step of the rebranding process was handled with professionalism and understanding. To the point where we felt we were letting them down due to our indecision and speed. The end result was Grounded Holistic Fitness Studio, a brand that reflects both us and our business. The good news is we have already recovered the investment in our brand and to date we have had a 50% increase across our membership over the past 3 months.

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