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Keezia left a successful hairdressing business to pursue a new business as a life coach helping people to realise their full potential. This was a huge step for her, moving into an entirely new market and delving into unknown territory. It was important that her personal brand creation helped to build her credibility by instilling professionalism, confidence and trust in her prospective clients.


We worked with Keezia to build a warm, fun and engaging brand across multiple platforms. This included a logo and website as well as a specific emphasis on social media styling for engagement as this was a key aspect of her marketing plan.


Keezia’s target market is the personal development audience, with a special focus on women. Her brand needed to be warm, inviting, fun and casual—including the logo, imagery and copy. We used a palette of yellow and purple pastels which were specifically chosen to align with Keezia’s vibrant personality as well as connecting perfectly with her audience. We chose a handwritten font to soften the logo, making it more approachable, and a condensed font for the main wordmark. Social media styling was also a key approach and we worked closely with Keezia to build strong brand awareness in this domain.


Keezia’s business is booming in a highly competitive industry highlighting how starting any business on the strong foundation of cohesive and professional branding is paramount for success. Investing in quality branding has given Keezia a head start on her competitors and begun to sow seeds of confidence into her target market.

Keezia Leigh


CSQD was communicating clearly from the very start, I was so excited to see what would come my way, and the result was a full branding package that exactly met my needs and desires and has allowed my brand to take off exponentially over the last six months. I highly recommend working with CSQD they are professional quick to respond and creative geniuses. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my branding and get compliments on it ALL the time!


Thanks James and team.

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