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PuraU engaged us to create a truly memorable brand. Referencing competitor brands that were making waves on social media, their intention was to create a brand from which they could build a strong and influential social media presence with the potential to go viral. Our brief asked us to aim at the young health conscious female market, but not to entirely exclude the male market. In short, they really wanted to make a splash and needed our help to do so. Starting out with gut health products, we also had to create a brand with the potential to expand into other PuraU products eg. happy liver.


We were tasked with every element of the brand and product creation including logo, labels, packaging, stationery, email footers and marketing collateral. Taking them through our branding process, we helped them to establish their brand values which shaped the direction of the approach we took with the design. Our copywriter was engaged to write the content for the packaging as well as some of the marketing material.


PuraU’s brand values included ‘feel good’, ‘playful’, ‘bold’ and ‘professional’ and both branding and packaging had to exude these qualities. We opted for a bright, soft gradient that sets the three steps apart while remaining eye catching for Instagram. We also named the products ‘Repair’, ‘Replenish’ and ‘Restore’.

Reeva Botha


I cannot recommend CSQD enough to any business seeking branding expertise. Being a start-up business, branding was a huge bottleneck for me. James and team at CSQD created a custom branding package that exactly met my needs and I was totally blown away by the results!! They communicated with me throughout, were quick to respond and met all deadlines. I feel an enormous weight lifted off my shoulders going into our product launch, thanks to CSQD. I cannot express enough how valuable their time and work is, this has been the best investment I’ve ever made for my business. Thank you so much James and the team at CSQD!!! I will definitely be a returning customer.


While the product is still under development, the brand is complete: PuraU ‘Happy Gut’: 3 simple steps to a healthy, happy gut. PuraU is actually a smiling face winking.

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