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Dynamite Studios Australia (DSA) is a leading dance school in Australia offering both dance classes and an in-house academy for secondary and tertiary education. They came to us initially for a rebrand in 2014 and have remained loyal clients since. 


Over the years, we have been involved with every aspect of DSA’s dance academy branding—from their initial branding to multiple website rebuilds (which lays testament to their business’s exponential growth) and regular marketing collateral. As an RTO, it’s always been important that their brand portrays a sense of professionalism and cohesion across all touchpoints of business.


Our brief was to develop their brand in a way that continued to reflect their growing business and shifting target market. Working closely with their team, we refined their logo and updated their branding and website. The process included design, imagery, content and an SEO campaign to build awareness. The website needed to attract new customers as well as service the current customer base. Business growth also meant we had to create an online student portal to manage all their enrolments.


DSA has grown into one of the most successful dance academies in Australia. This highlights their expertise in dance teaching and the effectiveness of the branding and marketing strategy they employed with us. One of the key results has been in their 12-month SEO campaign where we saw 15 of 30 selected keywords on their website and in their blogs get to page one on Google significantly increasing their website lead generation potential.

Abbe Bradbury

The most exciting thing about working with CSQD is that they deliver every time. There’s never a moment where I’m uncertain about something that they’ve delivered. It’s always the best possible outcome, every single time. It excites me because I’m thinking, “Oh my gosh, what’s he gonna come up with next?”

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